Do you need to have new keys Cut for each new Tenancy...?

The security of your tenant and property alike is very important. So, is re-keying your rental property each time it has a new tenant necessary? It’s a really good question!

It is not necessary nor is it a legal requirement. However, in the event you have had a poor tenancy experience or have any concerns raised with regards to a tenant returning to the premises after the end of the tenancy, then re-keying the property is in your best interest.

Some tips in this regard include:

  • Keying all the locks at the property alike so there is only one key to open all doors and only one key for replacement in the event re-keying is required.
  • At the beginning of a tenancy all keys should be signed for (ideally, photocopy the keys you hand out and have the tenant sign for them).
  • At the end of the tenancy, compare all returned keys to the photocopy you took at the beginning of the tenancy.

Keeping a record of keys ensures a clear history is maintained on who has had keys to the premises which is what we look after for you…

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Do you need to have new keys Cut for each new Tenancy...?